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Self- criticism about dissolved project after the pre-jury

Hi everyone:) Today, I will talk about my dissolved project and criticize it’s processes  in the light of what I learned from preliminary jury and by using the information that I got in Arch121. These critics are extremely important  since they will help me to do final project. So, I can be ready for final jury.

This is the photo of my model.


Before anything else, I want to mention about the beginning of my project.  I have worked on my model for a month. Before I made the model of preliminary jury, I didn’t choose a theme for the project. Thus, I really sweated while making this model. I couldn’t decide easily what should I do. For instance, I couldn’t find rules for the processes. Then, my professor advised me to find the dominant action and choose a theme. So, I tried to understand my model’s actions and I realized that it has many extended addings which combined each layers. Then, I decided to design my processes according to these extended planes. Hence, I gave a name which is amalgamation because the extended planes make it look as a whole and combined.

After the body music workshop which was given by Özgü Bulut, I understood that grouping is very important for a structure. Therefore, I used  main lines in my structure to extend. The lines grouped the all structure. However, I realized that I missed a very important thing at that point after the jury critics. The professor in the pre-jury criticized my extended plane because all of them looked same and they hadn’t many variations. However, I got information about it from Arch121 and studio discussions. So, I  knew that variations should be in a structure but I missed it for grouping planes. So, they should be in different dimensions. Also, the professor asked me why I didn’t merge them again. Maybe, they could be folded and intersect a layer again. Also, they criticised the directions of extended planes.  The main lines in my model were only in a direction. I understood that actions shouldn’t be in the same direction. We should also use the processes in different directions. Actually, some folded planes on first layer were also in a same direction. So, again at that point they haven’t any variations about that. Thus, I should have understood completely that there weren’t top, bottom, left or right side because the model is three dimensional. At the same time, we can’t talk about a vertical or horizantal plane about the processes.

Besides, I got information about rhythm from Özgü Bulut and my professor Bilge İmamoğlu in Arch121 class. İmamoğlu showed us a building which have a rhythm and balance. He uttered some musical notes. By using this way, he showed us that every structure have a harmony and rhythm, so architecture is like music. For this reason, I tried to create a rhythm in my model. Especially, I used it on second layer. I had some rhythmic planes like AB, ABABC, ABABCC. Then, I folded them. When I talked about my folded planes, I had some rules. Actually, I had three different folding ways. But there was a same rule for all foldings about the locations that they were folded. However, while I were doing this, I missed a point about their intersections. The folded planes which are on second layer  and third layer didn’t intersect the first layer. The professors in jury criticized that. They said that first layer should have merged with other layer by using folded planes. So, my extended planes weren’t enough to merge them.

There is also very important thing about this model. Before dissolved project, we cut some parts of non-transparent layer in order to show some planes. Then, my friends and I used it again for this model. However, we shouldn’t have done it. Because, the previous model was just two dimensional. So, we can’t use this action for three dimensional models. The cut planes also were in our structure. They couldn’t get lost. So, we should use them in the model. Also, I couldn’t dissolved it sufficiently. The professors said that the model shouldn’t seem as layers. All layers should be dissolved and all planes should intersect something.

Briefly, I can say that I realized my mistakes for this project. One of them is very important and critical which is about merging enough. I have already started to merge them and corrected the mistakes. I hope, I will be able to achieve it and final jury will be better.


Sometimes, I feel melancholy.. Today is one of them.. Now, I will share a song which is very old in Turkey. I think, you should try to listen some classic and old music of your country.. Sometimes they make us feel different and changed…

Let’s take a coffee and look at the snowy ways, If your country is snowy while listening it.

Seyyan Hanım: Hasret

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The Dance of Light by Using Calabash

Few days ago, my friends and I went to Ankara Castle to take photos and when we returned from there, we discovered a cute shop which is Kabak Dayı in Doyuran Street. There were brilliant lamps . If you go to Ankara one day, you should try to see there. I’m sure you will love it.

Heey look at those!

And this is me:) I wanted to show my happiness with those lights.


with Melis who is my friend from  my college.


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Preliminary Jury

Hey everybody:)  Now, I will mention about my first jury experience. Last week, I created my last model about dissolved assignment. I revised that model again. Also, I named it. It’s name is  amalgamation.  I presented it.

First, I want to talk about my feelings. I was really excited at the beginning of it. I didn’t know how to explain a project. Besides, the jury has different teachers from other universities. I knew that all teachers would criticize me. For these reasons, I paniced at first. While I was presenting my project, I sweated much. I hope I won’t be very excited for my final jury.

These photos from our first jury in studio.

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 While I was listening the jury, I created something 🙂

Like this..


Hey look at this! Light and shadow created such a beautiful shape on the wall in studio.