ARCH 102 · ARCH 112

Revising the model

After I created some images included the diagrams of interaction between the field and instances in photoshop, I revised them and changed some of ideas.

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Then this image tells us the processes of my last model..

portfolio overlapped 4

ARCH 102

Interaction of instances and Field – 1 (Diagram)

This week, our professor wanted us to develop the strategy of interaction. We combined the last instances (variations of an instance) and the field. First, we specified a strategy then tried to relate our instances and field. Also, we showed the cores with the instances and defined how they come together. Besides, we tried to show a strong interaction between the cores and each instances. In this diagram, finding a geometrical design between random elements is also important. I mean, it should be logical. While we were doing this, we used tracing papers. By the helps of transparency, we could show whole relationships.

Here, there are some images of my diagram.


d7 d6


d4 d5 d2

ARCH 102 · ARCH 112

Relief – FIELD Model

Relief is an intermediate condition between 2D and 3D, where the order is created predominantly in two dimensions, while demonstrating an attempt to free itself from two-dimensionality through accommodating three dimensional values.”

(PS: quotation from my assignment sheet.)

We were expexted to produce a relief from our ‘info maping’ studies. We showed the differentations of transparent layers by using elavations which have different heights. The important thing was ‘ how are the zones related to each other. We tried to reflect the relations between the cores and zones. We discovered the overall image by using corrugated cardboard. And, in order to create elevations we used some pieces of cardboard which were piled like chocks.

So, this is my FIELD



ARCH 102 · ARCH 112

Info Maping

A few weeks ago, our professor gave some maps that shows several parts of Ankara. We were expected to experience these spaces. And we should have chosen a topic about experience like sound of movement. We went there and experienced. I chosed movement of sound. While I was experiencing these spaces I realised that some part of the area have differentiations in terms of movement of sound. Some parts are really noisy and others are different.

Here , there are some photos of the maps.

By the way, the areas have different dimensions. First one is 40×40, second one is 15×70 and third one is 35×50.

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In this assignment, we were expected to document an urban experience, map,represent the differentiation of relations and the experiences. Besides, we should have found ‘cores’   in each experienced maps. We produced some three image for each maps in photoshop by using planes. We realised that while we were showing our experiences, some ‘zones’ of the image were overlapped. So, we can show the differentiations. For instance, 3 different zones overlapped in my images, then it created a core which is visible.

Here, there are three images that I produced.




Leyla Yildiz MAP2


Then we combined these three images, but there was a really important point about combining. It should have been logical and showed the cores by overlapping. So, new cores could be produced.

This is the combined image ( I showed my cores which are red ones. other parts show the instances that express the cores ) : 

Overlapped image

ARCH 112

Section Drawing

Hey everybody, a few weeks ago we learned how to draw a section of a model. In the beginning it looked complex but, after that I understood. This technique is really important, because we can realise different relationships between the spaces and also, we can show the instances easily by using this technique. We were expected to comprehend 3D geometry.By using orthographic drawing, we drew a front view of our initial instance then produced two section ( A and B )