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Some Hidden Parts from Ankara

Hi everybody,

A few weeks ago, I took some photographs in Ulus which is very old part in Ankara. I love taking photos there. There are many historical spaces and structures. This collage includes some of the photos that I took…


ARCH 202

Interaction Matrix and Spatial Scenarios

After the analysing the site, we were expected to produce some  spatial scenarios  and decide users of the house what we will design. While we were doing this, we used some graphic representations. We tried to indicate the number of subjects, daily functions in the number of subjects, temporary and permanent subject numbers. I used a graphic layout in daily pattern. Now, I want to mention about my scenerio. I decided to design a kind of studio-house. I have two permanent subjects. They are industrial designer. They produce wooden accessories and some small furniture. They live in this house. Also, they work there. They have offices, meeting spaces and a studio to produce the prototypes. This is the graphic layout of it. But, this work has not finished yet. I will remake it in next times.


ARCH 202


Last week, we tried to understand the plan drawings of the houses that we drew. We analysed the drawing techniques and representations of architectural elements included walls, openings(door, window etc.), soft and hard surfaces, divisions, landscape elements etc. I chose “House 1014, 2014” to redraw.

House 1014

UntitledI also drew plans of a house in the past. I was trying  to learn how to draw in autocad. These plans belongs to a Turkish architect’s apartment.

ARCH 202

Site Survey

We started to work on our site of final project of this semester. It is located in Siteler in Ankara. There are many industrial offices there. Some of them use wood, aliminium or glass etc. And they manufacture various products. The greater part of them works on furnishing. Our site is between these kind of work places. When we went there, we tried to analysis the whole area like neighbor working places, traffic roads, climate, green areas, landscape, topography etc. The negative point we realised is that the site’s side surfaces are completely closed by two building. These sides are located in east-west direction. So, getting light is too difficult. Besides, there is a really intensive traffic condition in front of the site.

Here, there are some photos of our site and panoramic views.

11016750_10153109292023486_1918151513_n 11020414_10153109292048486_233348162_n

While we were analysing the site, all of us worked together as some groups. These are the products of this survey (site analysis, sections and elevation drawings)



ARCH 202

Plan Interpretation

Hey everybody, today I want to mention about our first assignment of this semester. It’s about producing our own  interpretation of a given plan.


We considered this plan as a section of a house. Then we developed the spatial and structural organisations of that house. This assignment improved our skills about visualizing spaces.

Here, there are some photos of it’s model that I produced.