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Perspective Drawing


A few weeks ago, we got information about drawing perspective. This  drawing is two point perspective drawing. It’s one of my instances in the field.





Our professors gave a really enjoyable assignment which is designing a seating unit. We were asked to work in groups of 4. It should have been for the garden of TED University. First, we tried to create different scenarios of using seating unit. Then, we walked around the garden, and asked some questions about sitting. We realised that they really need a seating unit. They want to confortable and suitable seating unit. Especially, they want to lie and use their laptops or read books comfortably. So, we focused on that point. We tried to find different sitting conditions. We thought how many people should sit and what is the purpose of it.

In our project, there are many different alternatives of sitting.While we were combining these parts, we used sections. So, it became a combination of sections. There is no suck kind of border between the units, so it looks homogenous. By the way, we paid attention to the eye contact. So, some of the units have this quality. We named them as dude seating units.

Here, there are positions of it;



These are axonometric and top view drawings;


While we were working, I took some photos..( It was enjoyable!!! I really liked this project)