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The views of Kayakoy

Here, there are some photos of Kayaköy that I took before. This place is located in Fethiye in Turkey.


A view of Ankara

This photograph is my favorite that in the all photos about Ankara that I took. Also, it was exhibited in a photography exhibition in my college.

It gives many information about Ankara’s urbanization.

leyla 06

Site Survey : Dikmen Valley

After the assignment of architectural elements, we started to do our final project. We had an site. It’s Dikmen Valley in Ankara. First, we tried to understand the qualities of an valley. It has sloped sides and it’s a linear formation topographically. Actually, it’s like a corridor because it has different sides which have different spaces and experiences. It creates a space in itself and also, it’s an in-between and isolated space. Besides, topographical qualities of a valley creates a void. A valley also can act as a border. So, Dikmen Valley has all these qualities. Actually, Dikmen Valley is like man-made space, because the municipality of Ankara tried to renew it within urban transformation projects. That’s why, it has many green areas and trees. However, lots of high-rise buildings were constructed around this valley. So, they limited the potential experiences of this valley. And also, the valley looks like a private area although it’s for public because of these buildings. This valley is really long and some parts of it haven’t been restored yet. Topographically, in this valley there are some niches and escape points. But, it’s still continuous.While some zones are man-made , other parts are natural. By the way, generally bottom part of it is used but, sometimes people can experience up levels of the sides of the valley.This valley is actually for pedestrians. People can walk, run, play and rest there. There are some cafes, restaurants, playing areas, running path, sports tools, funfair, theatre and bowers in this valley.

Here there are some photos;

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We choosed a space to work on it. It’s really well defined space. There are two bridges near to it. It’s actually in a niche of the valley. There are some squatter’s houses, a mosque and a school in our site. These photos are from our site ;

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2014 RTU International Summer School, Latvia, Cesis

Hi everybody 🙂

This video is about my summer experience. ‘Riga Technical University International Summer School is an annual two–week course in urbanism, architecture and design. Get Well City was an enquiry into local natural assets, traditions of wellness and future ambitions of the town of Cesis, Latvia.’ I participated in this summer school. It was really cool and amazing experience. Now, I have many moments and good friends from this course.

Check it out !

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