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A Theatre Play: NEREYE

A few weeks ago, I went to the theatre. The play was so sad, stunning and amazing ! It’s name is ‘ NEREYE ‘ which means ‘to where ? ‘ This story is about some refugees who escape from the war, hungriness and being marginalising. Actually, when we see some news about these people on the television, we just watch them and these events look common to us. However, behind the scenes, there are many different situations, pain, saddening stories.

To where? to the salvation??!

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Shakespeare in Trouble

A few days ago I went to the theatre in Akün Scene in Ankara. The play was Shakespeare in Trouble. Ohh, it was a fantastic play!! I loved it. It was really funny and a little bit informative about the ages of Elizabeth. It shows how people approach to theatre and woman theatre players. And, Shakespeare was really in trouble because of her sister and the events around him.

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