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Eymir Lake in Ankara

Hey look at the fascinating view… This area is a really beatiful part of METU in Ankara… If you have a chance to go to Ankara, don’t forget to see there! Fresh air, green grass, trees, ducks and bicycle!!!

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For Children!

Hi everybody, today is a really colourful and lively day becausee it is a special day for children in Turkey. So, I wanted  to share some photos of children that I took before..

For all the beautiful children ^^

Goodbye for my Housemate….

Hi everybody… Today was rueful a little bit since my housemate went back to her hometown… I got used to see her every day so, it is hard for me.. I’ll miss Annika (my leiloshka) much…

Today I prepared a full breakfast(farewell breakfast) for her.. 2014-01-18-204

And also we had fun to say goodbye … 😦

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New year at TEDU

Last week, our student council ( I am also a member of this council) organized a party for students.. Some student societies promoted themselves and there were live music, drinks and snacks. It was really enjoyable… Also, some students were lucky since they were gived some presents… But of course I didn’t just enjoy, I was responsible for drinks haha Actually some of my friends said that I looked like a waitress 😀 By the way, I am secretery of our cinema society. This society is just a new one. That’s why we should have promoted it. Now, I will share some photos…

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Then these photos were taken by another friend..

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