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An Article : The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations

Today, I want to mention about an amazing museum in Ankara which is Anatolian Civilizatians Museum. It is also one of the most valuable and best museums in the world. Now, I will start to talk about the building of it and it’s function in history then, I’ll try to summarize my observations.

This museum is too close too Ankara Castle. The area has a really attracting view. There are many green areas and historical structures around it. It consist of two different structures which are Bedesten  by Mahmut Pasha and Kurşunlu Han by Mehmet Pasha. They were built in the times of Ottoman Empire. In the past, Bedesten was used for bazaar. Many shops were located there. In 1881, these two building was left for inusitation because of an fire. After that, it was started to rebuild with the desire of Atatürk in 1938.The all restoration was completed in 1968. Actually, first it was opened as a Hittite Museum, but in time many historical artifacts from different civilizations got involved in this museum. Therefore, it became as The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations.

Now, Bedesten is the main part of these museum. It has impressive image. When people enter into it, this building welcome them with huge domes and arches. People can see the architecture of Ottoman from the texture of the walls and appearance of the structure. On the right side of entering of the building, exhibition start and enclose the all exhibition area to the left side. Then, it is over on the left side with a beautiful cafe. In between there is an also exhibition area which has huge domes. Here, there some photos of these parts.

The  arround of Bedesten, there is a nice garden, green areas and Kurşunlu Han. Now, Kurşunlu Han is used for social activities like conference, workshops and library etc. And in the garden there are also some archaeologic sculptures are exhibited.

There are some figures of goddess like Kybele, woman and public speaker statue and some gravestones from Roman Period. They show how people dress, their life-styles and religios in that periods. Also, an huge statue interested to me. It was a huge monument which is The Fasıllar Hittite Monument. There are great God, a smaller mountain God and two lions. That shows the power of God and the religion of people. Besides, there are many inscribed stones and columns. They are some kind of honorific symbols.

In Bedesten part, exhibition starts with Paleolithic era and then it continues chronologically with them : Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Early Bronze, Assyrian Trade Colonies, Hittite, Phrygian, Urartu, Lydia, Anatolian Civilizations from b.c 12000 to until today and down the ages of Ankara. The Paleolithic Age was for hunter-gatherers who used stone and bone tools. They show how people make a living in daily times and their life-styles.

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And then, it continues with the Neolithic Age. It shows the first settled life and urbanisation. Also it gives some information about producing food and village life.  All of them emphasize their cultures and social activities. A small house of Çatalhöyük was exhibited in that period. There are section of an roof of this house, cooker, rush mat, ground stone, cruses, ladder etc.

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After that, it gives some information and tools from Bronce Age and others. By the way, there were some beewax sculptures, they looked real and were extremely effective.

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And then, at the center of the exhibition area, there are many cartouche stones and statues which show people’s religions, living styles, Gods, kings and animals.

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With this slide, my documents of this trip to the Museum is overed. I hope, it is a helpful and good presentation for you. Keep in contact 🙂

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