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The Final Model of This Semester

We finally created our final models. These are not different from the last working models. We used just new materiels and tried to use them carefully and clearly since it was for the presentation of final jury. Also, there is a different thing of these models. We attached scanned stickers on transparent acetates. It could help to emphasise the overlapped planes.

There are some photos that I took..

And this is my final model 🙂

These are the phases of the project from the beginning to end…

Then, this is the presentation board for jury…


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Look at My face in Jury :P

heey I want to share a few photos which were taken during my presentation.. It was very stressful and excited! When u experience it one day, you will be able to understand me exactly… While I was explaining my model, I sweated much because in the beginning of my presentation the professors couldn’t understand my rules. Then, I got into a panic!! Fortunately, my own professors helped me to explain clearly. I hope I will get used to do this in jury.. whatever look at the photos..DSCF4001DSCF4003 DSCF4006

ARCH 101

Working Model of Final Project

After the pre-jury I tried to dissolve the model repeatedly. It is easier said than done yeah because while I was dissolving this model, I created many working models again and again. It shouldn’t have looked as layers. I tried to intersect all pieces of planes. They weren’t be connected with a layer. So, this is my last working model.

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Preliminary Jury

Hey everybody:)  Now, I will mention about my first jury experience. Last week, I created my last model about dissolved assignment. I revised that model again. Also, I named it. It’s name is  amalgamation.  I presented it.

First, I want to talk about my feelings. I was really excited at the beginning of it. I didn’t know how to explain a project. Besides, the jury has different teachers from other universities. I knew that all teachers would criticize me. For these reasons, I paniced at first. While I was presenting my project, I sweated much. I hope I won’t be very excited for my final jury.

These photos from our first jury in studio.

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 While I was listening the jury, I created something 🙂

Like this..


Hey look at this! Light and shadow created such a beautiful shape on the wall in studio.


ARCH 101


The objective of this assignment is dissolving and merging layers to form a 3D construct. You know, I mentioned about folding extruding, extending etc in the sketch problem assignment. After learning these techniques, we tried to create new relationships by using them on our exploded model. All actions about dissolving are extruding, copying, adding, moving, rotating, aligning, extending, folding, juxtaposing, intersecting, subtracting and  grouping. I used some of them. Using regulating lines is extremely important to create dissolved structure. While I was doing this assignment, I discovered many relationships with planes and lines. I realized that lots of planes related to each other. First of all, I moved third acetate layer in x and y axis. Then I subtracted some pieces. Also, I folded some planes so, the layers could intersect. Then I extruded some planes by adding and folding. After that, I used again a wire by using regulating lines. I tried to align all lines and planes. So, I could merge and dissolve. (By the way, the wire should have intersected each layers.) Besides, in order to attain stability, I used some sticks. This working was just my first trying about dissolving.

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