ARCH 111

Quick Impression-3 (QIDS)

This quick impression drawing session is my favourite because while we were doing this we listened to music and also, stripping the corrugated cardboard was really enjoyable. One of my friends in the class choosed some songs which play 4 or 5 minutes. The songs were great, I loved them. Then, we abstracted the photos again on a corrugated cardboard( the size of it 21x70cm). 🙂


ARCH 111

Sketch Problem-2/ Five Planes and Wire

This assignment looks like the first sketch problem but it has of course more variations. In the previous sketch problem, we used few options which are extend and extrude. Besides that, we used copy, fold, rotate and align. Also we used a wire for this model. I couldn’t fold but I cut some pieces and attached them, because the thickness of my corrugated cardboard was so thick. So, it became a folded plane.

This is the diagram of that;


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